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What is a construction foreman?

In the oil and gas industry, a construction foreman is a management professional working on location on behalf of an E&P, service, or construction company. The construction foreman (sometimes called the construction superintendent or site manager) is responsible for overseeing construction including managing workers and resources, completing an efficient and cost-effective project, and developing, implementing, and revising job plans.

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RigUp Roles: Construction Foreman

What are the responsibilities of a construction foreman? A construction foreman manages the consultants, subcontractors, crew members, resources, plans and schedules on a construction project. These leaders coordinate the schedules of those working on site and monitor the progress of the project, intervening when necessary to ensure projects are completed safely, according to regulations, and according to AFEs. They are responsible for budgeting which includes estimating costs and ordering required supplies. A construction foreman may be required to assist with labor occasionally, and should therefore be capable of doing so. They should supervise equipment use, and they may be responsible for operating specialized equipment. In addition to maintaining time, staff, and budget records, the construction foreman should consistently communicate with the project manager. Together they resolve issues, revise plans to accommodate obstacles or field conditions, implement repair plans, and more. Projects they may work on include but are not limited to: processing plants, central tank batteries, stabilizer facilities, pipelines, compressor stations, and refineries.

What is the required experience or career path for a construction foreman? A minimum of three to five years of experience in construction management in the oil and gas industry is preferred in a prospective construction foreman. Often the experience companies look for is specific to the project (pipelines, electrical systems, facilities, with specific equipment, etc.) Some projects may necessitate a foreman with closer to ten years of experience. Construction foreman positions typically do not require an undergraduate or technical degree, but a degree is preferred.

Where does a construction foreman work? A construction foreman spends about 85% of their time at the construction site and the remaining 15% running necessary errands and coordinating with the project manager.

What is a construction foreman’s schedule? A construction foreman’s schedule is dependent upon the job for which they are hired. They typically work during daylight hours, but the durations of jobs vary. Building facilities such as central tank batteries and stabilizer facilities may take fewer weeks than building infrastructure such as pipelines and compressor stations, for example.  

Who does a construction foreman report to? The construction foreman reports project or construction manager who is typically based in an office.

Who reports to a construction foreman? Construction consultants, construction crews, and all relevant service personnel on location report to the construction foreman, the on-site job supervisor.