RigUp Roles: Frac Technicians 

What is a Frac Technician?

A frac technician is a contract professional working in the oil and gas industry for a frac service company. This person is responsible for all aspects of physically pumping the hydraulic fracturing job. They are responsible for servicing equipment prior to a job, driving equipment to a job, and spotting, rigging up, operating, and repairing their equipment during the operation.

What are the responsibilities of a Frac Technician ?

A frac technician is an essential member of the frac crew who first assists in rigging up for a hydraulic fracturing job. Then they are assigned to one piece of frac equipment that they will be responsible for running for the duration of the job. The frac technicians are experts on setting up, working, maintaining, and repairing the equipment to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable job execution. This equipment includes pump trucks, blenders, sand movers, etc.

What is the required experience or career path for a Frac Technician ? 

Experience working on a frac crew is preferred in a prospective frac technician. However, someone with no experience can be trained in this role.

Where does a Frac Technician work?

A frac technician spends about 80% of their time on location at the wellsite and the remaining 20% of their time in the service yard.

What is a Frac Technician 's schedule?

A frac technician is on duty for as long as the job is running which may last from a few days to over a week. Some operations run 12 hour shifts, while others run 24 hour shifts, with the frac crew sleeping in a hotel or on location in temporary lodgings.

Who does a Frac Technician report to?

The frac technician reports to the frac supervisor or completions consultant depending on their position on the frac crew.

Who reports to a Frac Technician ?

There is no direct report to a frac technician. However, depending on their position on the frac crew, others on the crew may report to a frac technician.

How much does a Frac Technician make?

Frac technicians make $400 per day on average. They may make between $350 and $800 per day depending on experience, specialties, location, and category of well.

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