RigUp Roles: HSE Consultants

What is an HSE consultant?

An HSE consultant (health, safety, and environmental consultant) is a contract professional working on behalf of an E&P or service company. These safety management professionals may work on drilling operations, completions operations or both, providing a variety of services regarding environmental, health, and safety concerns. The HSE consultant’s primary job is to ensure safe practice and protocol on the drilling rig or completions operation.

What are the responsibilities of an HSE consultant?

An HSE consultant could be responsible for a variety of services from specialized, niche positions to more generalized or versatile positions. This consultant may be responsible for any of the following services: new well permitting, environmental impact studies of surrounding areas, emergency planning, plan documentation, employee safety training, environmental survey and remediation of spills, due diligence of potential mergers or acquisitions, company policy review and advising, continued permitting/regulatory paperwork filing, and more. An HSE consultant is an expert in OHSA regulations and other pertinent regulatory institutions and is proficient at recording and interpreting data as well as problem solving in cases of incidents and exposures.

What is the required experience or career path for an HSE consultant?

This job is most commonly held by someone with a technical or undergraduate degree. Previous experience of 10-15 years working for an E&P or service company in a similar role in drilling or completions operations is preferred. This is not required, though. Someone without experience can be trained to be an HSE consultant.

Where does an HSE consultant work?

An HSE consultant spends about 50% of their time on location and the other 50% in the office, depending on the type of work they’ve been contracted to do. If the HSE consultant is working on inspection and remediation of an oil spill, they may work only in the field. Some may live on the rig for up to 14 days when on a hitch, and some may manage multiple rigs. In these cases there are often two consultants on the job. However, if they are working on permitting, they would only need to work in the office.

What is an HSE consultant’s schedule?

An HSE consultant’s schedule is dictated by the particular assignment for which they’ve been hired. Their work may be hourly, spending only a few hours per company per week. They may work full time on a field remediation job on a rotation schedule. Most of the HSE consultant positions are 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday office work with field time as needed.

Who does an HSE consultant report to?

An HSE consultant reports to the HSE manager or employee at the customer company overseeing their work.

Who reports to an HSE consultant?

There is typically no direct report to an HSE consultant.

How much do HSE consultants make?

HSE consultants make on average $650 per day. They may make between $650 and $1,500 per day depending on experience, specialties, location, and category of well. 

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