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What is RigUp?

RigUp is the energy industry's largest and fastest-growing marketplace for contractors and service providers. We are built by the industry, for the industry.

RigUp's mission is to empower all the men and women who power the world by creating economic opportunity and building community across the strongest network in the energy industry.

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RigUp Landman Jobs

RigUp is looking for professional landmen in oil & gas to join our vast network of contingent labor providers.

Are You Currently Working as a landman? Find your own projects or fulfill projects from 250+ currently approved companies. We take care of general and administrative tasks such as insurance, MSA diligence, invoicing, and payments. 

  Before RigUp With RigUp
Payment Time 15-30 business days 5-10 business days
Job Coverage Localized approach Digitally sourced opportunities across North America
Support Staff Available during office hours 24/7 team online and over the phone
Benefits & Coverage Minimum required for an MSA Best in class liability coverage and health insurance options


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"I love RigUp. They're always on time. Just send in your job sheet and five days later, you're paid. In my opinion, there is no other way to go as a consultant."
—Bryan Stewart, Independent Contractor

Are You Looking to Hire landmen or Start Your Own Brokerage? Fulfill any position in oil and gas using our network of thousands of independent contractors. We take care of the background and drug tests, verify certifications, and get them ready to work for you. You can search the marketplace, post a job, or, if you know who you want to work with already, let us take care of the onboarding.

Looking to access new projects and work opportunities? Utilize RigUp's bidding tools and extensive network of approved E&P's to grow your area of operations.

  Before RigUp With RigUp
Protection & Risk Coverage Relationships based on spontaneous increase in work volume, leaving open possibility for lawsuits FLSA protection, mitigated misclassification risk
Sourcing & Management Limited access to Landmen outside immediate network  Access to a large network of qualified, screened landmen online
Job Sheets & Invoicing Labor-intensive spreadsheets and added accounting hours Digital invoicing and full-expense tracking
Business Credit Facility Large amounts of working capital tied up in payment terms from current clients On-time payment, 24/7 invoicing support online and over the phone